Entry Form

Entry Instructions

Two simple ways to enter. The preferred method is the online entry form. It’s been designed so that  you can upload the script and pay at the same time. For your convenience, a secondary option to enter is also available.

Option one (preferred): completely fill out the entry form (it will not send unless completely filled out). If Juror feedback is desired, adjust the quantity to ‘1’. Otherwise leave the Juror feedback field empty. Upload your PDF script by hitting the ‘Select Files’ button (the entire script and title page must be on one PDF). Hit the ‘Submit’ button. You will be redirected to a secure PayPal site. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still pay by using a credit card or Visa debit. Once you pay, you will receive an automated confirmation. Please ensure that the PDF submission is blind: no identifying marks other than the title of play.

Option two: Email the script and include all the fields on the entry form in the body of the email (e.g. name, title, number of pages, address, phone, etc.,), to tragedycompetition@gmail.com. If you’re in Canada, payment can be made by e-Transfer or cheque. If you’re abroad, payment can be made by an international money order in Canadian funds. E-Transfers can be sent to edwinclwong@gmail.com. Money orders and cheques can be made to Edwin Wong and mailed to:

Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition
c/o Edwin Wong
114-485 Island Highway
Victoria, BC
V9B 5H7

Under no circumstances are scripts to be sent by post. Electronic submissions only.

detail from The Dead Man’s Hand